Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Forex Enthusiasts - Hello!

Forex, or Foreign Exchange is where it's at. Hi, I'm Jeff Harvey and I'm a novice Forex enthusiast. I've been facinated by the FX market for sometime now and have decided to set up my own forex blog in order to share my ideas, insights and learning process.

With the help of the online world and other financial analysts I am determined to become a great Forex trader and make lots of money.

Why Forex?

They say Forex is the largest financial market in the world. With over $4 trillion traded every day. It is accessible easily through the internet, and you can trade by yourself directly without the assistance of another broker or agent. Stop me if I'm wrong about anything I've mentioned so far (I want to know what you think and if I'm not veering from the right path).

Now I like money, who doesn't, and I've also heard that in the FX market there's no advantage by any trader over another due to the accessibility of information. What that means is that the world's economies are so big, and diverse, that there's no room for inside information tilting the market one way or the other. No country can inject a big enough sum of cash to effect the market in it's benefit.

So no trader has an advantage over me. I can make a buy deal on the EUR/USD and be as smart as the other trader because we are subjected to the same news and information we all hear on the internet from finanacial reports and banks.

Now I'm no expert, but I'm a pretty educated guy, so I do believe that if the above is true, all that's required is just a little bit of hard studying and then successes will follow.

Why should I be afraid to tackle an investment market that has no leverage over me?

So here's my plan:
  • Learn the best forex trading methods and strategies
  • Learn where to get the best FX information
  • Start trading using the best foreign exchange trading platforms available.
By following these three simple steps I do believe that I can become a good Forex trader. Follow me on my adventure each week and please help me as much as you can, because Lord knows I need as much of it as possible.

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